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The success of your airline depends on the quality of the in-flight services you offer. Yet the logistics of dealing with suppliers, and getting your airline ready to serve your passengers, can sometimes be fraught. Put simply, Lomature make it easier to get the best out of your in-flight service system.


How do we do this?      We…


Just like some of the world’s major airlines, your company will benefit from our professional knowledge to improve performance, save money and create highly effective in-flight services.


And you’ll be looked after in much the same way as your passengers. Every airline has a member of staff dedicated to its account, along with technical support whenever needed.


Get in touch today and see how we can give your in-flight service system a boost.

Our Services


01Managed Services

Managing your in-flight services can be a complex and time-consuming affair.
You want it done right, so that your department works at full capacity and delivers a first class service. You don’t want your staff spending time learning how to use the system and troubleshooting when they run into difficulties.
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02Business Intelligence and reporting

An efficient IFS system requires accurate monitoring and reporting on anything from budgets to inventories.

We provide a variety of business intelligence and reporting services to help you refine and constantly improve IFS performance, as well as build business continuity plans and budget effectively.
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03Project Management and Implementation

In an airline industry that is constantly changing and developing, new IFS systems need to be implemented on a regular basis.

In order to streamline this process, Lomature can manage your project and put it into action, using our expertise to guarantee all key elements are in place and staff suitably trained. Read More

04Software and Interface Development

Having the right software and user-friendly interface is essential to the smooth running of any IFS system. A system designed for general use often falls short of your airline’s specific needs, so you need something more bespoke.

Lomature create software that compliments your current IFS system, such as AirVision or eGate. We offer a full technical service, from software development to implementation, and guarantee the results will fit your requirements perfectly. Read More


When implementing or managing any in-flight services system, training is vital to maximise its impact.Read More



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